How Webroot Helps to Find & Delete Duplicate Files in Window 11?

If the user is having the problem with duplicate file, then they can easily remove it with a tool or Webroot antivirus install via In this blog, you will read the method to find & delete duplicate files in Window 11.

Method To Locate Duplicate Files in Window 11:

1. Sort to Check Duplicate Files in File Explorer:

For this, you need to tap on Windows + E key together in order to launch the File Explorer and then go to the folder where you wish to find the duplicate files. After this, you need to hit on the Sort menu which is in the Command Bar located at the top screen and then from the list of option, you need to choose Name. At last, the files will be sorted just according to the name and the file which has Copy suffixed with their name is the duplicate files.

2. Select Details view in File Explorer:

The user should visit to the folder where you wish to find the duplicate files and then tap on the View menu. From the list of option, you need to choose Details options. Under different columns, you will view the files will be seen with the relevant details.

Method To Remove Duplicate Files in Window 11:

1. Install Webroot Antivirus:
Firstly, the user should deeply scan their computer system with Webroot antivirus software via and it run in the background & won’t interfere in device processes. It scans the unwanted files and you can remove those files with single click.

2. Via File Explorer:

When you identify the duplicate files after you sort them by Name and then just switch to the Details view, choose the files individually. After this, you should tap on the Delete icon in the Command Bar or click on Del key. If you want to delete many files in one go, then you should press Ctrl key, choose all the files to be deleted and then tap on Del key. In case, the confirmation box pops up then tap on Yes button.

3. Use Command Prompt:

The user should first find the folder where the duplicate files are stored. If you want to remove those files, then right-tap on it and then from the context menu, choose Copy as path. If you have the path to the folder, then tap on Windows + S key together to launch the Search menu. After this, you need to enter Windows Terminal in the text field which is located at the top.

Here, you should right-tap on the search result and then from the context menu, you need to choose Run as administrator. At this point, you need to tap on Yes button on the UAC prompt which pops up on your screen. Now, you need to tap on the downward-facing arrow which is located at the top and then from the list, you need to choose Command Prompt options. Or, you can tap on Ctrl + Shift + 2 key altogether to launch Command Prompt in new tab. Now, you need to write the command after you replace the folder path with actual one which you have copied earlier and then press Enter button:

cd /d “folder path”

At last, you need to execute the command after replacing the name and extension for the files which you want to delete:

del “* – Copy.png”

4. Use Third-party Software:

The user can use Easy Duplicate Finder tool which scans all duplicate files in your computer system and then you can easily remove them with a single click.This tool will easily find duplicates files among the different files type of images, videos, audio clips etc. It will easily find duplicate files on the computer, Google Drive, Windows Media, etc.

With this method, the user can easily find and delete files in Window 11. For more detailed information related to Webroot antivirus, visit to