How to Manage Portal Users in Webroot Antivirus?

If the user has Admin permission for Endpoint Protection, then they can easily create new Management Portal users. In this, you can set access permissions for them and can also edit their information. If you create new users, then the Endpoint Protection sends you an email for creating password and then log in. In this blog, you will read the method to manage Portal Users in Webroot Antivirus. For installing Webroot, go to

Method To Manage Portal Users in Webroot Antivirus:

Create New Portal Users:

If the user wants to add other administrators, so that they can easily access your Endpoint Protection reports. And you can add users with limited permissions, in which they can view data but they cannot make changes.

To Create a New Portal User, you should tap on the Down arrow which is next to your login ID and then choose Manage Users. Now in the Manage Users panel, you should tap on the Create New User button. Here in the Create New User panel, you should enter the user’s email address. But in case, you entered the wrong email address then you will not receive the message. In the Time Zone field, you should tap on the Pencil icon which is located at the right and then write the country, region or city and then choose the one where your user is located. Here, you should choose the Yes checkbox. You will view the additional fields which appear at the bottom of the pane i.e. SecureAnywhere and Endpoint Protection. If users access this portal, then you should tap on the Go to Endpoint Protection button in order to enter the Management Portal.

From SecureAnywhere drop-down menu, the user can select one of the option:

Basic — In this, the users have limited access to consoles and account settings.

Admin — In this, the users have full access to all keycodes, users, and account settings.

From Endpoint Protection drop-down menu, the user can select one of the option:

No Access

Basic —In this, the user has read-only access to endpoint scans.

Admin —In this, the users has full access to all settings.

At the end, you should tap on the Create User button.

Edit Portal Users:

When the user confirms the registration procedure, then you can return to the Manage Users panel and their they can edit the information of the user. To edit Portal Users, you should locate the row for the user which you wish to edit and then tap on the user’s Edit icon which is located at the right side. Now in the User Details panel, you should make the changes to the name and also the phone numbers.

If you get the Awaiting Confirmation status, then this means the window appears with an email field which is at the top. The user can change the email address if they have entered an incorrect address and then resend the registration. At last, you should tap on the Save Details button.

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