How To Fix File System Error 1073741515 in Window 10 with Webroot?

Sometimes, the user’s faces file system error 1073741515 in Window 10 because of registry issues and missing dll files. To fix this issue, you should read the method to fix file system error 1073741515 in Window 10. You should install Webroot, through as it will remove all the threat from your device.  

Method To Fix File System Error 1073741515 in Window 10:

1. Use a Dedicated Troubleshooter:

If the customer is facing the file System errors, then they should use a troubleshooter which will scan the system in search of bugs and just eliminate it and fix all the vulnerabilities. It is advised you should use Restoro tool which allows you to replace any elements which results in BSoD error. With this software, you can create a restore point for the previous version of your system before you start the repair.

2. Use Windows Repair:

For this, you should download Windows Repair Pro. Now, you should look in the newly unzipped folder which is created in the specific location and then just open the folder tagged files. Here in the files folder, you should locate fix_exe_hijack.inf file and then right-click on the file and then choose Install option. When you install the .inf file, you need to restart your PC. Or, you can install the .exe file. At this point, you should launch and then tap on the Repairs – Main tab and then hit on Preset: All Repairs

You should check all boxes for All Repairs and then tap on Start Repairs. Keep in mind that the customer must be an Administrator just to run the repairs. You should not cancel the procedure and then wait for the repair to run. At the end, Restart your computer.

3. Refresh/Reset Windows 10:

First of all, the user should press and hold Windows Key + S key at the same time. After this, you should type Settings in the search box and then just tap on it. Now, you should tap on Update and Security. At this point, you should choose Recovery option. Then under Reset this PC, you need to hit on Get Started button just to perform the reset/refresh. When the prompt appears on your screen, then you should select whether you want to keep your personal files or just erase them. If you complete the refresh process, then your PC configurations will be set to default and then all registry pile-ups cleaned up. Here, you need to re-install your applications and then launch them. After this, you will see that The File System Error – 1073741515 will be gone. You should also launch Administrative tools and Windows troubleshooter, then the issue will be fixed.

4. Get Rid of Malware with Webroot:

You should download Webroot antivirus via And then you should follow the instructions to install it in your computer system. Now in the software interface, you should hit on the Scan button in order to perform a quick or full system scan and just follow the directions. When the system scan is complete, then you should check the Select all box. At the end, tap on Remove option in order to delete all threats from your computer system.

Through this way, the user can easily fix the file system error 1073741515. For installing Webroot, visit to