How to Avoid and Beat Robocalls for Smartphone Security? Webroot

Sometimes, the user gets trapped because of the scam calls and provides all their valuable information to the hackers. So, in this blog you will read the method to avoid and beat Robocalls for Smartphone Security. For the safety of your Smartphone, you must install Webroot antivirus via

Method To Avoid and Beat Robocalls for Smartphone Security:

1. Check your Caller ID:

It is advised you should first check your Caller ID before receiving any call. As scammers can make a call which looks a legitimate call but in reality it is a spammy call. But if you get caught and answer the spammy call, then you should immediately hang up. In case, you are not sure about the number which comes on your caller ID, then just allow your voicemail to answer the call for you so that you can determine if a call is legit or not and also a scammer cannot be able to check that it is a valid line.

2. Do not Call Back to Unknown Numbers:

If you let an unknown call, to go to voicemail but you find that the call is from a bank or business with urgent news. Then in this case, do not call on that number which you get on your caller ID but you should get a legitimate customer service number from a statement, bill or from the bank’s website and then you can verify the matter for yourself. But if you call back on that number which there in your phone or voicemail, and then this might put you in wrong hands.

3. Look out for Pressure and Do Not Give Up:

Sometimes, scammers play the role of an imposter and then tell you that something is wrong with your taxes, account and your bank statement. But if get convinced with this call, then it is suggested you should hang up this call immediately and then follow the website of bank or business. It is highly recommended that you should watch the pressure or scare tactics of the scammers and just keep your valuable information to yourself.  

4.  Sign up for National Do Not Call Registry:

There are many nations which give you a service and they have a list of legitimate telemarketers before they make calls. But keep in mind this will not stop scammers to ring you up, hence you should sign up for National Do Not Call Registry as this will cut down the unwanted calls.

5. Look out for Apps and Services which Block Unwanted Calls:

It is advised you should install the apps and services which can block unwanted calls. As there are many mobile companies which gives additional apps and services which helps to block unwanted calls which comes on your Smartphone’s. Along with this, there are third-party apps which can also block unwanted calls, so you have to do research yourself. Here, before installing those apps you should check that the apps are legitimate and can block unwanted calls.

To get more safety for your Smartphone, the user must install Webroot antivirus in their device via