How to Fix Blue Screen Reference_ by_ pointer Error with Webroot?

The users sometime face Blue Screen Reference by pointer error. This issue is caused by driver or software issue. To fix this issue, the user should install Webroot antivirus through which protect your device from malware issues. In this blog, you will read the method to fix Blue Screen Reference by pointer error.

Method To Fix Blue Screen Reference_ by_ pointer Error:

1. Run BSOD Tool:

To fix this issue, you should install and run a Restoro tool. With this tool, you can replace any elements which lead to BSoD error. This tool helps you to create a restore point before it starts the repairs. You can restore the previous version of your system.

2. Install Graphics Driver:

For this, you should download Display Driver Uninstaller. When you download the program, then just run it. If DDU starts, then follow the instructions to remove your graphics card driver.

3. Check your Antivirus:

Sometimes, your antivirus interferes with Windows and results in this issue. To remove this issue, the user should disable their antivirus. But if you still find the issue, you should remove the antivirus software. You should use an uninstaller tool, in order to remove the software completely.

After you remove the antivirus, then check the problem is solved. If the issue is solved, then install Webroot antivirus software through to protect your device from malware.

4. Remove Problematic Software:

To remove problematic software, press Windows key + R altogether and then input msconfig. After this, you should tap on Enter or OK button to run it. When the Windows Configuration window opens up on your screen, then you should choose Selective Startup and uncheck the option of Load startup items. At this point, you should visit to the Services tab and then check Hide all Microsoft services. Now, you need to tap on Disable all button. Here, you should visit to the Startup tab and then tap on Open Task Manager. After this, you should right-tap on each item which is on the list and then select Disable from the menu. When you disable all startup items, then just go back to the System Configuration window and hit on Apply and OK button.

5. Reinstall Windows 10 and also format the hard drive partition:

The user can fix the error by reinstalling Windows 10 and also by formatting the hard drive partition. For this, the user has to install the OS on a flash drive and then they should boot the broken computer from the USB.

6. Check the Hardware:

In some cases, this issue occurs because of your hardware, and if in case, you recently installed any new hardware then you should remove or replace it. Sometimes, faulty hardware also results in BSOD errors.

Faulty RAM can also cause these errors, so you should test all your RAM modules to find the faulty one. To do the inspection of your RAM, you should use MemTest86+ tool. In case, your RAM is working properly, then you should check other components like your motherboard, hard drive, etc.

With this method, you can fix Blue Screen Reference by pointer error. To install Webroot, user should visit to the official site of Webroot via